Friday, December 17, 2010

Unusual Travel and the Eagles

Thank you for visiting my site and following me on Twitter and Facebook. I also will like to give a special thank you for the fans that entered the Terrell Thomas Ultimate Fan Contest. 
I will like to thank all the Minnesota, Detroit, Green Bay and Giants fans that made it out to Detroit. You guys turn a weird trip to a surprising good trip. You guys made our game more comfortable, I know it was difficult for everyone to change their plans to come out and see us play. I will like to thank all the fans that show up.
Going back to the last two games, you are seeing a team that is hungry right now. I think we put together complete games in all facets. We started a little slow but finished strong, the defense had a lot of turnovers. We are getting healthy and we are getting solid wins.
If you go back to the Vikings game the offense is still finding it way. We are running the ball well but we are still making the same little mistakes with turnovers. But we have a solid defense that always got the offense unitís back. We step up as a defense unit and shut out that Vikings offense, especially for that embarrassment they put on us last season. It was good to win; our third win in a row before our big match up versus the Eagles.
This week preparation has been more mental than physical because we know come Sunday itís going to be a smash-mouth football game. And we will be ready for that. The main aspect we are focusing on is the mental preparation because we are recovering from the unusual travel and hard play we put in the past couple of weeks. 
We knew if we would win our games after our first encounter with the Eagle this opportunity will present itself. So we are treated each game after the first Philadelphia encounter as a playoff game, everyone on the Giants been playing light out football.  We are all excited for this meeting on Sunday; the winner of this game can control its own destiny to win the NFC East division. 
We need all you Giants fans loud, I mean loud from start to finish on Sunday. We need you guys loud on every down, 3rd down, 2nd down, 5th down. I donít care what down we need you guys to be loud! We need you to be loud whole game.  We need you to be our 12th Man this weekend and help us get a victory over the Eagles.
It is going to be a tough physical game it will back and forth battle, because Philadelphia is a quality team. 
But the Giant shall prevail.
Thank you and God Bless

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